Friday, November 27, 2015

2015 Week 11 Falcons vs Colts Recap

I truly believe that the Atlanta Falcons try to give their fans heart attacks. I honestly believe that they trap us into a loving, exciting state in our lives then ambush us with their second half play.

Now, I'm a Falcons' fans for life. There is no changing that. I was here when Vick was bursting on the scene as the next big QB and I was here when Joey Harrington was the starting QB (don't want to say that again), so I know the ups and downs of this franchise. I live for the days I can say that the Falcons won and I am strong enough to neglect the haters and bandwagons when they are against us. That's what being a fan is all about right? Still, I'm trying to put the pieces together on yesterday's loss against the Colts so please bear with me.


Before anyone says anything about getting another quarterback, please look around the league and tell me what you see? Yes, Matt Ryan made some decisions that ultimately cost Atlanta the game but he is still our quarterback regardless. He started the game off hot and looked revived from the past couple of weeks, but then the second half rolled around and things began to change.

I don't blame his first interception on him, but going 25/46, throwing for 280 yards, 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions brings a bias attitude towards him. Some will say that he still had a bad day and should be released, some will look past it and blame it on the defense. Either way you would like to look at it, Ryan has to find a consistent basis with his team and go back to becoming the dominant player he was two years ago.

Julio is still amazing fans with another dominant performance with 9 catches for 180 yards. There is not a better receiver in the league, in my opinion.

Devonta Freeman suffered a concussion early in the game and the team should be concerned about that as he has no real serviceable timed return. With Freeman out, the team looked to Tevin Coleman to help relief Ryan of some pressure but that didn't go too well. The rookie fumbled three times and ran for a total of 47 yards on 17 attempts. I don't think that Coleman was expecting that kind of workload but he still needs to produce when his number is called. This is a "next man up" league and he just wasn't ready. Still, I have faith in the rookie back.
I guess the only good that could come out of this is the two touchdowns that fullback Patrick DiMarco scored. In the off-season, I was sure that it was going to be a battle between him and Colin Mooney during the pre-season but DiMarco won that out and is showing everybody why he is the best fullback in the game.


I could sit here and tell you that it was the defense's fault why Atlanta didn't  win the game. I could blame defensive coordinator Richard Smith and head coach Dan Quinn but that's down right disrespectful. Despite the scoreboard, the defense played great and had a few hiccups with rookie defensive backs Jalen Collins and Akeem King. Yes, there are still issues that the team needs to fix but for the most part I felt that the defense played pretty decently.

They couldn't sustain a decent amount of pressure on Matt Hasselback which led to some issues but what do you expect. Desmond Trufant and Kroy Beirmann both had sacks, Paul Worrilow had a good game with eight tackles and two turnovers, and the interior defensive line had a great game holding the Colts to just 74 yards rushing.


Eric Weems should have never came out of the end zone with only 53 seconds on the clock. That was a bad move by a veteran. Kicker Matt Bryant missed a field goal that hit the post but punter Matt Bosher continues reign hard for the pro bowl averaging 50.6 yards per punt.


All in all, this was a bad loss to the Falcons. They had the Colts down until the second half but couldn't hold the lead.

Am I giving up on my team...No, but they will have to move and on and try to win the next week. Any given Sunday is the motto. The Colts proved that to us.

By: Raekwon Gilbert