Monday, September 14, 2015

Random Fandom Falcons Predictions: Our Season, According to the Fans

The smell of a new season is in the air, a time when every team is (0-0) and theoretically every ones odds to make it to the big game are the same. Though our Atlanta Falcons are far from the worst team in the NFL, most analysts don't think we even have a shot to make the playoffs. As we are hours away from kickoff, we asked some of our most dedicated members of Dirty Bird Nation, what was their view on the 2015 Atlanta Falcons. Here's what some of their thoughts were......

First, the Falcons fans who are hopeful but cautious:

We also have fans who are nervous due to our offensive line and other team issues:

And our fans who are amped and optimistic:

There are some extremely confident fans in Dirty Bird Nation as well

This is the most accurate way to describe the Falcons in a nutshell

This was a great outlook from some of the Atlanta Falcons fans. As we saw throughout the article, the opinions differ but there's one thing for sure.... Atlanta is excited to watch the 2015 Falcons RISE UP!!!!!!

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